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Sandra Catalina Millan, RMT


A strong advocate and promoter of health and wellness. For the past decade I have dedicated my life to researching the advancements in Biomechanics and physical fitness, while positively addressing the importance of nutrition and emotional well-being in order to achieve personal growth and happiness.  A passionate proponent/advocate of the Mind/Body relationship, Cellular Memory, and the effects of stress on the human body,  I incorporate my knowledge and skills, addressing the body as a whole, to assist my clients in a connected awareness to their true potential. Creating an experience to be remembered.


Born in the Unesco World Heritage city of Cuenca, Ecuador, I have never lost my love of mountains.  An avid hiker, cyclist, jogger and traveller, I have explored wondrous sites and cultures in over a dozen countries and I have recently migrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, in an effort to amalgamate all my passions.