The human body consists of 70%-90% water and fluids and since sound travels four times faster in water, we are natural resonators of sound.

Vibration and Sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls induce Alpha/Theta brain wave frequencies, quieting the conscious mind and awakening the healing potential of the subconscious.  This reduced brain wave activity, has you aware of your surroundings while in a deep state of relaxation/meditation.

When these beautiful and powerful bowls are placed on the body, the sound vibrations are transmitted into our blood, lymph, organs, connective tissue and cellular memory, impacting our parasympathetic nervous system, and inhibiting the stress or pain response. 

While in this meditative state, deep healing can take place, promoting digestion, decreasing anxiety, depression, mental and physical exhaustion.  This full body detoxification will leave you feeling rejuvenated, balanced and grounded.